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2 min readAug 11, 2023

AI flies a big-ass military drone

(I like big drones and I cannot lie)

  • Nothing particular on the algo: Autonomous Air Combat Operations team created algorithms for the flight that took millions of hours to mature in simulations
  • Deployed a semi-autonomous traffic control system in late June (Capt. Terrence McKenna!)

Combining MAOIs with…

A not-so-brand-spanking-new prescriber’s guide.

Anatomy of a research paper

A nice cognitive framework not only for research, but for approaching almost any complex problem/task. Kind of a separate case of DBT acronym skills, but for thinking!

Anatomy of a research paper

Cognition Computation ML? Nah.

The authors ponder on several topics:

  • Stop trying to create human-level AI using machine learning, it’s largely intractable
  • Human cognition is a form of computation? And more, one that can be replicated in a machine? Not so fast, Dorothy
  • The authors also show that the products of AI-as-engineering are not genuine or accurate models of human cognition, but rather decoys that induce distorted and impoverished images of ourselves and our thinking
  • AI can provide useful computational tools (such as frameworks, concepts, formalisms, models, proofs, simulations, etc.) that support theory building and testing in cognitive science, but only used with care
  • Computationalism (the idea that cognition is a form of computation) can be informative for cognitive science, but it does not imply computerism (the idea that cognition can be realised in machines)

Free limited LLM API access by ChimeraGPT

Using it for testing (and (shitty) reposts).

Elliptical curve cryptography visualization

Again, reminding of awesome explorable explanations!

P.S. TFW you postpone writing to do longer posts to find out you put out almost none 🥲

P.P.S. The Aboriginals had always used boomerangs*. Do the Aboriginals born after 2000 use* zoomerangs*?* 🤔

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