Brexanolone for postpartum depression

Zakhar Kogan
3 min readAug 17, 2023


Frontiers | Allopregnanolone, the Neuromodulator Turned Therapeutic Agent:  Thank You, Next?

Another take by Psychopharmacology Institute.

  • Brexanolone is a synthetic form of allopregnagolone, a GABA modulating neurosteroid
  • The study had 216 participants, all women 18–45 with de novo MDD in their third trimester or within the first 4 weeks following delivery
  • The drug was administered via a 60-hour injection (despite a half-life of roughly 9 hours)
  • The cumulative response rate of 81.4% in BRX versus 61.7% in PLA groups
  • All the other outcomes p<0.05 better in BRX group
  • The cost of such an injection is ~$34,000 before insurance and deductions (like WTF man)
  • BRX can apparently cross BBB when administered intranasally, however, a lot is lost (16,000 ng/mg in the olfactory bulb 670 ng/mg in the brain). The authors used cyclodextrin sulfobutylether — cyclodextrin to enhance the transport
  • More on BRX

Finally, generative agents!

The long-awaited agent simulations of human behavior…tadaa…the ones that use Time-Weighted Vector Retriever. By the way, here it is.

And here’s a demo which I’ve linked not once and not twice IIRC.

Alzheimer’s and gut

  • Some of the gut bacteria were found to be more prevalent in both AD patients and, in the present study, in the so-called preclinical stage
  • One of those are Faecalibacterium prausnitzii
Faecalibacterium Prausnitzii: An Anti-inflammatory Gut Microbe
  • Still, the authors tell us that in preclinical AD, FP is more abundant (the things you do without institutional access). 👀🧐🔎
  • Obviously, it’s detected more often; but is it more abundant on the average, and does this make real sense concerning its effects?

I wouldn’t run to conclusions and causal inference here. It may well be a correlation, or an adaptive change (say, as oxidative damage increases SOD/CAT/GPx expression, tau accumulation may slightly increase the butyrate producers, or some enzymes may produce more food for that phyla, etc.)


Just a wild thought:

May the cancel culture be rooted in the solitude everyone is experiencing (actually, not)? Maybe that’s more in line with interconnectedness exuberance and being fast to react?

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